Booking Tips for a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

Pets Welcome

It's indeed a hassle to go on vacation with your pet and you get rejected by the owner of the vacation rental because pets aren't allowed on the property. You need to know that most vacation properties are not pet-friendly. That's why you should be prepared to avoid this kind of situation from happening.

A little bit of research is required when looking for a pet-friendly vacation property. If you need some tips for this, take some time to read this.

Set Your Eyes on Pet-Friendly Destinations

It's easy to find a pet-friendly vacation rental in locations that are popular for their hospitality to pets. Examples of pet-friendly vacation destinations are San Diego, Northern Arizona, Asheville, Indianapolis, and Charleston.

Think about the activities that you often do with your pet, and pick a place that lets you do that thing. Do you love hiking? Walking on the beach? Do you love to spend time relaxing in a pet-friendly spa? Make sure that you have the freedom to enjoy precious moments with your pet while on vacation.

Go to Websites with Pet-Friendly Filters

Some websites let you filter for pet-friendly vacation rentals. These sites make it easier for you to find the property you're looking for. Don't spend a huge amount of time browsing through properties on websites that, in the end, don't welcome pets.

Websites like,, have pet-friendly filters to ensure that you won't waste time finding pet-friendly vacation properties. FindRentals has it's own pet-friendly section for vacation rentals that welcome your cute, furry friends.

After you've found some options online, you have to ask the vacation rental if your specific pet is welcome. There are vacation properties that are strict to the kind of breed or size of pet that they allow. Call the owner of the vacation rental to ensure that your pet is welcome in his/her property.

Read the Reviews

Reviews or testimonies from previous renters allow you to make a good decision when choosing a vacation property where you can stay with your pet. Read reviews about a vacation rental, and find out what they have to say about the customer service, the rooms, amenities, etc.

Know the Pet Policy Beforehand

Honesty is the best policy when dealing with vacation property owners, especially when your pet is involved. You can't tell the property owner that you'll be bringing a Pomeranian when your dog is a Labrador. This can harm your deposit, and pet deposits can cost you big time.

Make sure that you know about the pet policy of the property owner, the required deposit, what kind of breed of pets are allowed, and whether there are areas in the property that are prohibited for pets to enter. Understand the rules to keep the owner/renter relationship smooth.

Book a Stay During the Off-Season

Many vacation rental owners don't welcome pets because they don't want other customers who don't like pets to get turned off by having pets on the property. But some owners allow pets during the off-season because there aren't many renters during this time. Make sure to make a call and talk with the owner if they can allow you and your pet to stay in his/her property.


It's easy to book a pet-friendly vacation rental if you follow the tips mentioned above. In the first place, go to a vacation spot that is known to be pet-friendly. Next, use websites that have filters to make it easier for you to search for pet-friendly vacation rental properties. Read reviews and know the owner's pet policy.

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